Here are about twenty different large print prayer brochures in honour of St. Joseph.  They could be printed one per month for the year of St. Joseph or placed out all together in a prayer display.

Various Prayers, Aspirations, and Novenas to St. Joseph

  1. Prayers to Saint Joseph for Year of Saint Joseph
  2. Prayers and Invocations Saint Joseph
  3. Praises of Saint Joseph
  4. Saint Joseph Memorare and Angelus
  5. Prayers to Saint Joseph Work, Morning Offering
  6. Triduo to St. Joseph St. JHN and St. Teresa of Avila
  7. Various Saint Joseph Prayers
  8. Thirty days prayer
  9. Aspirations to Saint Joseph for Every Day in the Week and Novena Prayers
  10. Saint Joseph Aspirations for the Month of March

Litanies of St. Joseph

  1. Litany of Saint Joseph
  2. Jumbo Classic Litany of Saint Joseph
  3. Alphabetical Litany of Saint Joseph
  4. Litany of St. Joseph St. Vincent de Paul Manual
  5. Litany of St. Joseph for the dying
  6. Litany of the Holy Family

Seven Joys and Sorrows of St. Joseph

  1. Seven Joys and Sorrows Saint Joseph
  2. Shrine illustrated Seven Joys and Sorrows Saint Joseph

Chaplets of St. Joseph

  1. Chaplet of Saint Joseph
  2. Chaplet of Holy Spouses

Little Office of St. Joseph

  1. Little Office of St. Joseph
  2. Little Office of St. Joseph Large Print

Other Prayers for the Prayer Brochure Display

  1. St. Thomas Prayer for all Virtues
  2. Universal Prayer for All Things Necessary for Salvation
  3. Litany of the Holy Spirit
  4. Litany of Loreto