In order to promote devotion to the Most Blessed Sacrament, see these various brochures of traditional prayers to the Most Blessed Sacrament:

HC1 Holy Communion Prayers

HC2 Litany for Holy Communion

HC4 Holy Communion Devotions St Peter Julian Eymard

HC7 Spiritual Communion Prayers

HE1 Litany of the Most Holy Eucharist

HE2 Litany of the Most Blessed Sacrament

HE3 Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

HE4 Meditation Before Blessed Sacrament

HE5 Litany to the Blessed Host

HE6 Prayer to the Blessed Sacrament

E04 Eastern Prayers after Holy Communion

PO2 St Padre Pio prayer

SB1 saint bonaventure prayers

HN1 Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus

SH1 Litany of Most Sacred Heart-adapted

HF1 Litany of the Holy Face

U15 Universal Prayer

RP1 Reparation Prayers

RP2 Traditional Reparation Prayers

RP3 Reparation to the Most Blessed Sacrament Prayers


Prayers especially for priests to pray for before and after Mass:

HM3 Orations before Mass to Holy Spirit

HC6 Prayer for a Priest before offering holy Mass

Print these two prayer brochures and staple on the right side of the first panel to make a booklet brochures:

HC5 after Mass St Jean Baptiste Marie Vianney Brochure

HC8 St Jean Vianney Prayer Booklet