Ephesus Notes is a Catholic Newsletter designed for the elderly.  It features the saint of the day, a short prayer, a quotation of the day, trivia of Catholic history.  It has a word find puzzle on the back.  It can be printed in a b/w printer and double sided for an inexpensive printing.

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Third Week of August: EN-III week August 2020

Recommended Prayer Page: Hail Holy Queen for feastday


Fifth Week of July: EN-fifth week July 2020

Recommended Prayer Brochure: Jumbo Mental Prayer Meditation004

Fourth Week of July: EN-Fourth-week July 2020

Recommended Prayer Brochure: Jumbo Litany of Saint Charbel

Third Week of July: EN-Third-week July 2020

Recommended Prayer brochure: Jumbo Prayers to Most Sacred Heart

Second Week of July: EN-2nd-week July 2020

Recommended Prayer brochure: Jumbo Litany of the Precious Blood of the Sacred Heart

First Week of July  EN-I-week July 2020


Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity: EN-06-07-20

Recent Editions

June 4, 2020 EN-06-04-20-a

Feast of St. Philip Neri, May 26, 2020: EN-05-26

Solemnity of the Ascension, May 21, 2020: EN-0521

May 13, 2020  EN-05-13

May 8, 2020  EN-0508-1


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