Mother’s Daily Prayer for Suffering and Struggling Priests

O Most Gracious Virgin, we remember and pray for your holy sons through the blessings of your Son, Jesus Christ, who have dedicated and consecrated their lives to Him for our souls. Unite our maternal hearts with yours. Bring all into the embrace of your love. Cast your glance upon them, with your most charitable and most amiable heart. Lead them to your Son, our High Priest, Jesus Christ. May your Son stretch out His hand, to gather them, to shield them, to encourage and strengthen them. May our prayers, like yours, Our Mother, never fail them.

Hear us, O Mother!

Save them from suffering!

Save them from struggle!

Save them from that black abyss.

We ask that you, with the unconditional love of your maternal heart, fill us with that same love.

May our prayers for them never cease. May your love for them join your love for your Son, our High Priest. Amen.