About Mothers for Priests

The apostolate of Mothers for Priests (MfP) summons Catholic mothers to a regular commitment to daily prayer for priests who are struggling and suffering.  There is a special power of compassion in the maternal heart.  The Mothers for Priests welcomes all and only Catholic mothers to be members. The charism of the Mothers for Priests is to pray for ordained Catholic priests, not as an apostolate of prayer for seminarians or

for vocations.  Priests need prayer support for perseverance in their vocations and protection from temptations and strengthening in the midst of struggles.
Membership in the Mothers for Priests starts with the First Station. Formal membership is effected by enrollment in the official registry. Please send your name, address, email address, and phone number to MfP@priest.com.

Following a train analogy, all mothers are summoned aboard at the First Station.  The basic requirement is the Daily Prayer of the Mothers for Priests.

When ready, the mothers move to the next station, though arrival at the Third and Fourth Stations requires specific permission from a designated priest spiritual director. The four stations of the MfP and their essential responsibilities are described on this website.

A newsletter will be issued to all members providing reflections and encouragement for perseverance in this noble work of prayer.   Official members will be issued a membership card.

Primarily a work of spiritual solidarity, the Mothers for Priests appreciates your financial support for this apostolate and its efforts for priests.